Our Firm... We are an A-V law firm with more than 30 years of jury trial experience.  Our cases involve serious injury, wrongful death and corporate, governmental or insurance accountability. We have won many challenging lawsuits against some of the largest corporations, insurance companies and health care institutions in the nation and against state and local government entities whose practices have wronged our clients. Our cases, verdicts and appeals have provided needed compensation to our clients.  They have deterred wrongful conduct and unsafe practices and have prevented other people from being harmed. Helping our clients has set important, lasting precedents in the Washington Supreme Court that have given Washington citizens safer communities, better access to justice and fair trials. PUBLIC SERVICE ADVOCACY As a public service, we work with the Washington Legislature to oppose efforts by the insurance, corporate, government and health care lobbies to limit or take away the rights of individuals to have their day in court and obtain fair compensation through the civil justice system and jury trials.  We also work with the courts to prevent secrecy in litigation and to ensure that our injured people have access to evidence that is necessary to prove their cases to jurors.
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